The Auditor general report released in 2015 for the previous year disclosed that thousands of borang br1m recipients had withdrawn their allocated cash more than once, with some people even getting the government-aided fund 3-4 times. Some of them filled application in their household members name while some dished out their own details twice or thrice. In turn, this false act of the people (knowingly or unknowingly) had cost Putrajaya more than RM3 million in the last three years.

The Auditor general report claimed that 2,188 people cashed out repeated funds in 2012, which accounted for RM1.11 million. As for 2013, a total of RM1.14 million was disbursed for the second (or more) time among 2,490 recipients, and the numbers stood at RM1.09 million distributed among 1,899 citizens through the amazing first phase in 2014.

The authenticity of all applicants was cross-verified by different agencies but their names were not checked with the online database. Hence, some people were able to claim their beneficial amount more than once, the official said.

He also stated that the most number of repeated claims were made at Bank SimpananNasional (BSN). Following this were the other aid centres such as Public Bank Bhd, Maybank, and CIMB Bank Bhd.

It was also confirmed that 41 recipients cashed out their allocated brim-hasil fund thrice at each of the above centres. The number of Malays who received their allocated fund thrice or more stood at 54 for the year 2013. The following year, 37 people adopted their own tactics to cash out their allotted help fund 3-4 times. The Finance Minister had said the lack of manpower to update their database was another reason why people were able to re-claim their beneficial help fund more than once. However, he also assured that steps are on to avoid such mistakes in the future.